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Steel/Building materials/Pipe/Synthetic wood manufacturer Seokyoung S-tech Co., Ltd.

The steel industry is a material industry that has led Korean economy, and it is necessary for manufacturing cars, ships, electronic products, and machinery. Seokyoung has always been in the center of the industry. We have a wealth of experience in the distribution of steel in both Korean and international markets. We process and sell numerous kinds of materials like cold rolled, hot rolled, and corrosion-resistant steel sheets.

By the middle of the 2000s, the steel market was active with a huge demand for steel due to the expansion of Chinese economy. However, as Chinese steel material enter the market in a large scale and producers make excessive investments, the market saw an oversupply. In this situation, the profit of Korean makers has deteriorated and also national steel market is still suffering from the recession. Our company is equipped all the necessary system for a rapid delivery and after-sales services, so we have always supplied numerous partner companies with various steel materials stably, notwithstanding the recession of Korean economy after the IMF crisis.