Bridge with Humans and Nature

Steel/Building materials/Pipe/Synthetic wood manufacturer Seokyoung S-tech Co., Ltd.

  • Seokyoung S-tech Co., Ltd. started manufacturing steel window stiffeners with our accumulated experiences and know-how, but now runs the coil center at the headquarters located in Danjin, and mainly manufactures steel window stiffeners, agricultural pipes, and plant supports as well.
    Also, the Seoul sale office distributes hot and cold rolled steel, and the Jincheon plant produces eco-friendly synthetic wood.
    Seokyoung S-tech Co., Ltd. is a promising small and medium-sized company in the field of Steel and Building interior/exterior materials.

    Even with recent sudden changes of steel price and difficulties in the construction market, our company has achieved a revenue growth and stable income by maintaining its superior quality and customers’ satisfaction and staying competitive.

    this company promises you to make a new leap once again by starting communicating with customers and to be so big a small and medium-sized company which contributes to social growth.

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Name of the company Seokyoung S-tech Co., Ltd.
Representative Director CHO, Cheonseok
Capital 2 billion won
Employees 100
Business performance 734 billion won (Based on the settlement of accounts for 2018)
Headquarters address 36, Yongranjae-gil, Dangjin-si, Chungnam