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Precautions for storing and handling pipes

It is recommendable to load them with a pedestal to facilitate ventilation when storing.
Loading pipes too high may cause deformation from the weight load.
Please store indoors or cover them when storing outside, to avoid the exposure to acid rain or dew. If storing for a long time under the cover or vinyl, ventilate well to avoid white lust or patina.
Store them away from the contact of fertilizers and agricultural chemicals.
Putting the welded part inside when installing the pipes can extend the life of pipes.
Rafters should be made as sharp as possible in the preparation of heavy snow.
When installed, the interval between the pipes shall best be 60cm.
As for horizontally used products, middle part should be installed to be higher to prevent being burst in freeze, and, if possible, a number of holes should be made for draining.
Various situations that result from not following the above instruction are deemed as user’s improper maintenance. Please bear this in mind.