Bridge with Humans and Nature

Steel/Building materials/Pipe/Synthetic wood manufacturer Seokyoung S-tech Co., Ltd.

BSRC is committed to improving the quality and developing new technology and new products.
The role and research area of BSRC
  • Researching the properties of manufactured products and their improvements by apprehending the latest international standards and internationally agreed-upon rules, and applying them to the present processes and procedures.
  • Understanding problems of the existing products, improving them and overcoming shortcomings in them to pursue a better model
  • Activities of researching future materials for continuous growth, the prevention of corrosion and transmutation, and the lifespan extension of a product.
Research and development performances
  • Support manufacturing division for embodying successive automation
  • Developed a design for plant supports
  • Researched the lifespan extension and the corrosion prevention of steel raw materials
  • Developed a new product with high corrosion resistant raw materials and resources