Bridge with Humans and Nature

Steel/Building materials/Pipe/Synthetic wood manufacturer Seokyoung S-tech Co., Ltd.

I appreciate all of you who show interest in our company.

As a company manufacturing building materials and distributing steel, this company produces steel window stiffeners, agricultural pipes, and fruit supports for farm purposes.
Last year, we established Cladding Division for external materials so as to manufacture eco-friendly synthetic wood.

Based on our own accumulated know-how, our company leads Korean window-stiffener industry.
This company, although being a newcomer, steadily keeps abreast of sharp market changes by the superior quality of agricultural pipes and the customers' satisfaction with it to earn the company's reputation.

So, we, all the members of this company, do the best to make our company a company which our employees including their own families are happy for and furthermore makes the world happy.

Thank you in advance for your constant encouragement and support in Seokyoung S-tech Co., Ltd., a company which never stops challenging itself.

Seokyoung S-tech Co., Ltd.

CHO, Cheonseok, CEO